Solar Energy Solutions

Our Solar vision is to generate clean energy to help reduce dependency on Fossils thereby reduce Carbon emissions into the environment making it more greener. We believe that our future generation deserve a clean and healthy environment and WE have the responsibility to provide that to them.
In line with our mission, Solen focuses on Solar Energy solutions of Power generation, Water heating and Street lighting for Residential, Commercial or Industrial customers. We also provide Electric fencing using Solar electricity, Swimming pool water heating, Garden lighting, lighting for Signboards or Hoardings. All power, heating and lighting solutions can be very cost effective option for our customers providing savings of great amount towards energy cost.

Solar Power is generated by converting Sunlight into electricity using Photovoltaic (PV) panels. A PV panel consists of number cells that convert sunlight into electricity due to Photovoltaic effect.

Solar power solution mainly consists of PV Panels and mounting structures, Inverter, Charge controller and Batteries (where applicable), Cables and protection devices. Number of power solutions are available using Solar systems.


Captive: All the solar generated electricity is used directly by the generating company.

This is typically used in industries or commercial complexes where there is high demand of Power during day time.

With Battery Storage:Solar generated electricity is stored in battery bank and used either continuously or as backup when there is no supply from State electricity supplier.

This type of configuration is used in residences, offices or commercial complexes where continuous supply of electricity is desired. However use of battery bank increases capital and operation cost due to need of regular maintenance and periodic replacement of batteries.



Net Metering: In this type of solar configuration the electricity meter is replaced by a Net Meter which is tested and approved by the state electricity supplier. The Solar system is tied to the Grid so that the electricity generated by Solar is either used for active load or if extra power is generated then that is exported to Grid.

Later when Solar is not generating, supply from Grid (import) is used. The net difference of Import and Export will decide bill for electricity.

This is most desired solution as it could make your electricity consumption almost free of cost.


Hybrid (combination of OFF and ON grid)

The hybrid configuration is expensive but can be installed where continuous supply is desired as well as additional generated can be exported to state supplier to reduce the cost.